How long it takes to customize furniture?

The average delivery time for products is 7 days after the order is signed, and about 15 days for painted furniture because it needs to air dry.

  • Before Customization

    1-3 days: Door-to-door measurement Showroom sample Design and drawing

  • Customization in progress

    7-15 days: material selection, material preparation, cutting board Sealing, painting, packing out

  • Logistics & Distribution

    1-5 days: depending on the region

  • Installation

    1-3 days: Team installation cleaning site


What are the specific steps of furniture customization

We want to save you time and money by communicating with you carefully

  • 1 Online Inquiry

    Phone, Email, Message, and Dedicated Sitting Room at your service

  • 2 Communication negotiation

    Tell us the details of your needs

  • 3 On-site sizing

    Designers to measure the size of the home

  • 4 Precision Design

    Custom design for you, drawings and configuration list

  • 5 Optimization Solutions

    Designers are constantly optimizing the design for you

  • 6 Showroom selection

    Showroom display of a large number of models

  • 7 Signed production

    Follow up the production process to ensure delivery

  • 8 Logistics & Distribution

    Logistics, installation matters, 100 percent peace of mind

  • 9 Installation Delivery

    Phone, Email, Message, and Dedicated Sitting Room at your service

  • 10 After Sales Service

    Service team, extremely fast response

Several ways of customization

Create furniture solutions that meet changing needs based on customer requirements

  • Furniture all-inclusive

    Free home measurement free design drawings, Hengqiu Da furniture all-inclusive, save time and effort

  • Furniture production

    Provide design drawings, easy and fast production and installation

  • Furniture design

    Provide design drawings to provide materials, processing, installation, and reasonable budget

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